Livefood Care

While the quality of live food directly impacts your reptile’s health, it’s not just about the feeder insects natural nutrition., “Your reptile is what its livefood eats.”  Taking care of your live food by gut-loading them with a nutritious diet ensures they pass on essential vitamins and minerals to your pet. This not only strengthens your reptile but also boosts the feeder insects’ own health and longevity. ProRep livefood care foods offer simple ways to feed and enhance not only common feeder insects like crickets, but we also cater for more specialist livefood such as silkworms and springtails.

While providing a nutritious diet is crucial for livefood and your reptile, proper hydration is equally important.  Just like any living creature, feeder insects need access to water to survive and thrive.  Neglecting to hydrate your live food will not only dramatically shorten their lifespan but also diminish their overall quality as a reptile meal. 

ProRep Bug Gel and Bug Balls make this essential step simple. For an extra boost of calcium along with hydration ProRep Bug Booster calcium Jelly Pots are a great choice.

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