Reptiles are ectothermic, meaning they rely on external heat sources to regulate their body temperature.  Heating is an essential part of reptile keeping but finding the right type of heat can be challenging.

ProRep offer’s a full range of the most popular heating products available and have been designed for reptile care in mind.

Specifically constructed for use with reptiles our range of heating products will help you find a solution for your reptile needs with the added reassurance that safety has been considered throughout each stage of the products design.  

Whether you need to create a heating basking spot or add a gentle radiant heat to keep your reptile warm in the evenings ProRep will meet your needs.

ProRep spot lamps offer more than just lighting, but also offer heat in the form of Infrared, both IR-A and IR-B. Heat in this spectrum penetrates into the deep subcutaneous layers of reptiles skin warming their tissue naturally like the sun.

Reptiles instinctively bask under bright lights or in patches of sunlight within their enclosure, it is this visible light that encourages basking behaviour allowing the reptile to super charge itself for the day ahead.

The warmth obtained from our heat lamps allows essential bodily functions to occur,  digestion, movement, and even the immune system function better when a reptile’s body temperature is in the optimal range.

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