High quality lighting to support the health and happiness of your reptile

Lighting isn’t just an afterthought for your reptile’s home – it plays a vital role in their well-being. Most reptiles have excellent vision and rely on light to see their surroundings, navigate their enclosure, and even find their next meal.

Beyond just seeing, light also influences your reptile’s behaviour. Certain wavelengths, like UVA rays, can stimulate their appetite, breeding activity, and overall health.

That’s where the ProRep lighting range comes in. Our heat lamps provide low levels of UVA, and when combined with the right additional lighting, ensure your reptile sees and experiences its world just the way nature intended.

Creating the perfect habitat for your reptile doesn’t have to be complicated. The ProRep lighting range offers a variety of lamp holders and heater guards designed for both safety and ease of use.

ProRep ceramic lamp holders are built to last, featuring high-quality heatproof silicone cables and internal copper contacts for optimal performance. This ensures your chosen lamp functions flawlessly and safely.

Keeping your pet reptile safe is paramount. ProRep heater guards are built with sturdy metal to prevent any contact with the hot heating element inside the enclosure. Additionally, the spring latches allow for quick and easy replacement of your lamp whenever needed.

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