PR Arboreal Chameleon Feeding Dish

The Arboreal Chameleon Feeding Dish has been designed to allow insects to climb up the internal mesh plate allowing them to be visible to arboreal reptiles. This enriches feeding time and encourages the natural feeding behaviour observed in the wild.
Constructed with high quality and safe toxic-free plastic material, the arboreal feeding dish can be attached to the terrarium mesh and hung with the supplied chain and hook, or it can be secured with to the side of a glass tank with the supplied heavy duty suction cup.
Added vent holes at the bottom of the dish allow for drainage of any accidental drips from rain systems.
Ideal for use with Locust, crickets and silkworms. Don’t forget to dust with ProRep Calci Dust, or ProRep’s Bee Pollen to offer a nutritious and tasty meal.

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