ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel 500ml

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser. Helps protect you against cyptospordia, microsporidia, salmonella and viruses.

With a unique natural flavanoid sanitiser that will quickly kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, moulds and spores, ProRep’s Sanitising Hand Gel delivers outstanding performance but with the reassurance of a completely natural active ingredient. Specially developed for use by reptile keepers, it should be used to sanitise your hands before, during and after handling reptiles, their food or cage contents.

  1. Sanitise hands before handling your reptiles to reduce the risk of your animals catching diseases from you.
  2. If handling reptiles, décor, substrate or food from different enclosures, repeat this process between each enclosure to protect against cross examination between animals.
  3. Finally, after you have finished handling reptiles, frozen rodents or cage contents wash and sanitise your hands again.
Directions: Twist to unlock pump nozzle. Do not dilute, apply directly onto dry hands, rub over palms fingers and backs of hands until completely dry. Do not wash off after use.

Available in 500ml size