Mid Humidity Live Plants

ProRep Live Terrarium Plants are perfect for bio-active terrariums.

Apart from the aesthetic appeal of a planted terrarium there are some very real, tangible benefits for the animals. Living plants provide natural cover and climbing perches, shade, basking sites and maintain natural humidity. Just as live plants in an office can improve workers well-being, live plants in a terrarium will have the same effect for animals.

These plants are not just small houseplants but are a selected range of species that are ideally suited to the terrarium, including some of the more unusual or rare types. We have carefully selected the range so that there are plants to suit all habitats and growth patterns. There are succulents for arid environments, bromeliads, ground cover plants and epiphytes for jungle set up’s as well as aquatic plants and mosses.

These plants can enhance your pets terrarium to create a natural and beautiful set up.

Over 40 different plant species are available in the range.

  • Reptile & amphibian safe
  • Great for bio-active setups
  • Easy to care for inside terrarium
  • Absorbs CO2 during the day