Bark Chips

ProRep Bark Chips are used for all species that require a humid environment. Amphibians, forest or jungle living reptiles and invertebrates all thrive on this safe 100% natural product.

Directions: Spread the substrate evenly over the bottom of the enclosure to a depth of at least 2” (5cm).

Bark Chips can be moistened to provide extra humidity but avoid making them too wet or waterlogged. Spot-clean daily and completely replace every two or three weeks, or more frequently if it becomes heavily soiled.

If you are using an under-tank heatmat as your heat source do not use a thick layer of Bark Chips as this may cause the heatmat to overheat.

Please refer to the heatmat manufacturer’s instructions for more information.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Bark Chips Coarse 5L – SMB005
  • Bark Chips Coarse 10L – SMB010
  • Bark Chips Coarse 25L – SMB025
  • Bark Chips Fine 5L – SMB105
  • Bark Chips Fine 10L – SMB110
  • Bark Chips Fine 25L – SMB125