Airplant Moss

Easy to care for plants that live on air, light and water.

Ideal for vivariums or terrariums, create a superb natural home for your pets.

Airplants grow or hang on anything you like. Upside down, right way up, group several plants together or stick them on wood vines or other ornaments on your vivarium.

Airplants need to be kept at a temperature of above 8 degrees Centigrade, in a draft free environment. They can be dunked into rain water once a week, and then shaken gently to remove residual water and fed with a propritary air plant fertilizer. they provide long lasting natural decor for vivariums and terrariums and can be attached to vines, stones, trunks, in fact almost anything for a naturalistic finish.
  • Ideal for vivariums or terrariums
  • Create a superb natural home for your pets
  • Grow or hang on anything you like
  • Easy to care for